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Free Last Night’s Mascara – Brynn Cartelli Ringtone

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Last Night’s Mascara - Brynn Cartelli Ringtone Free Download

“Last Night’s Mascara” is Brynn Cartelli’s debut single and lead single off her upcoming debut EP/album.

In August, Brynn revealed through an Instagram Q&A that she had just written the song. The song released on December 18, 2018. Now, you can download Last Night’s Mascara - Brynn Cartelli ringtone at here! Good fun!

Ringtone Last Night’s Mascara:

But now, now
I still don't understand how

I’ve got last night's mascara still on my face
I kinda knew that there’d be trouble
But I did it anyway
I swear I used to be innocent
You held my hand
I don’t remember how I got here
I don’t remember what I said
But I’ve got last night’s mascara
Last night’s mascara
Yeah, I still got last night's mascara on somehow

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